It took Amanda Dambuza 3 years to grow her company from a start-up with 2 employees to a multi-million rand company with 80+ employees.

In 2014, Amanda Dambuza resigned from her position as chief information officer (CIO) at the Barclays Africa Group to start running her company (Uyandiswa) on a full time basis. In the same year, her project management company joined a three-year enterprise development programme by Adapt IT, a JSE-listed software company. Three years later, Uyandiswa had grown to generate a turnover of about R100 million.

Here are some Amanda Dambuza quotes on how to succeed as in entrepreneurship, leadership and relationships.

Amanda Dambuza Quotes on Leadership, Business and Entrepreneurship

  • “Entrepreneurship should become a conversation at the dinner table.”
  • “It’s important to know ‘why you’re starting a business’, ‘how the business will be run’ and ‘your vision for the business’.
  • “The kind of business you’re starting needs to be supporting the wider vision of your life.”
  • “Entrepreneurship is incredibly difficult.”
  • “The reason you started should be the reason that sustain you.”
  • “A lot of businesses fail because they do not have access to networks and opportunities. You need access. You need access to decision-makers, mentors, and opportunities.”
  • “Entrepreneurship is a great opportunity even in a depressed economy.”
  • “I left my corporate job as chief information officer because it was no longer the most effective use of my time. I left to create jobs.”
  • “When the economy thrives, everybody thrives.”

Amanda Dambuza Quotes on Networking and Relationships

  • “Access to networks is the biggest privilege anyone can have.”
  • “I’ve got access to powerful networks in corporate because of my credibility over the years.”
  • “The beauty of starting your own business is owning your time. When you own your time, you can do with it what you want to do.”
  • “My connections and relationships have enabled me to get into the doors that I need. But, what I do when I’m inside has nothing to do with my connections.”
  • “Relationships are an important ingredient for success. I don’t have access to every door. But, I know people who do.”
  • “You will feel it when you’re imposing on others. If it feels uncomfortable for you, it’s probably uncomfortable for the next person.”
  • “Clients tell you what they need by telling you about their day.”
  • “Don’t sell. Just listen.”
  • “Stop forcing products onto your clients. Start listening to them.”

Amanda Dambuza Quotes on Leadership and Project Management

  • “You can never be a great leader if you haven’t mastered yourself.”
  • “If you haven’t mastered yourself. The chances of you being a great leader are zero to none.”
  • “To be a great leader, you need to know who you are, where you’ve come from, where you’re going, what your triggers are, what drives you and why you wake up every day.”
  • “If you have project management skills, you can succeed in anything.”
  • “Project management is about delivering through people. It teaches you leadership at its core.”
  • “Project managers don’t do the job. They lead people in getting the job done.”
  • “The basis of leadership is delivering through people.”
  • “When people feel appreciated for who they are, they are more inclined to give more.”
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About Amanda Dambuza

Amanda Dambuza has been working in project management and information technology for over 20 years. Her industry credentials include the project management professional (PMP) designation by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as well as Prince2 and Agile certifications.

In 2017, Amanda Dambuza was the overall winner of the international business woman award by Veuve Clicquot ELLE Boss. She also the winner of the entrepreneurship category. These awards were to honour inspiring and successful businesswomen who empower, support and encourage female creativity and leadership. In 2018, she wrote her book, “Baked In Pain: Your traumatic past may just be the fuel you need to soar“, based on her difficult childhood. In 2019, Amanda was featured on the cover of Destiny Magazine, dubbed “A Sermon In Season for Entrepreneurs”.

Amanda Dambuza on the of Destiny Magazine

In response to being featured on the cover Amanda Dambuza said “I am greatly honoured to be the cover story of the return of the iconic DESTINY magazine,  to be part of the comeback journey of an amazing platform that gave us an identity, a magazine that told us it was okay to be successful and that we deserved our success. Thank you for such an amazing vehicle that has showcased so many of our talents, gifts and purpose. Something very special when our journeys intersect at pivotal moments in time. Thank you Nkululeko Manqele, Onke Dumeko and the whole team at The Bar Group.For 14 pages of me like you have never seen before, please be sure to grab your copy of the Nov/Dec 2019 Issue of Desitny Magazine.”

Quotes adapted from Amanda Dambuza’s interviews on Top Billing, Destiny Magazine, Destiny Connect Part 1 & Part 2, FFG Summit, DVT, Destiny Magazine 2. and Photo Credit: Top Billing

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