Bonang Matheba was the first African to be given an E! News Special Africa on E! and the first international ambassador for Revlon, outside the USA.

Bonang’s work ethic has placed her first in many different arenas. She walks the talk, as evidenced by her many achievements. Here are some Bonang Matheba motivational quotes to brighten up your day.

Success Quotes From Bonang Matheba

  •  “Building a brand is not easy. It takes a long time.”
  • “You can’t do anything without a plan.”
  • “If you don’t have a plan, you don’t know where you’re going.” “Determine who you are, where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.”
  •  “Write down what you want to do, how you want to do it and how long it will take.”
  • “There is a lesson in every single day.”
Bonang Matheba Quotes

Self-identity Quotes From Bonang Matheba

  • “Start with you. Start by being honest with yourself.”
  • “There’s strength in knowing yourself and in being honest with yourself.  
  • “Before you can be honest with others, you need to be honest with yourself.”
  •  “There’s strength in being authentic and being true to yourself.”

Bonang’s new film/ documentary

In 2019, Bonang Matheba released Public Figure, a film/ documentary that she co-produced. The film/ documentary (Public Figure) investigates the lives of influencers (including Bonang) from around the world, as well as the psychological and addictive effects of Social Media in today’s society. You can buy Bonang’s film here.

Bonang Matheba on Public Figure

Self-care Quotes From Bonang Matheba

  • “Always be kind to yourself.”
  • “Don’t overwhelm yourself. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself.”
  • “People are hard on themselves.”
  • “People expect too much from themselves. They expect too much, too soon.”

Bonang Matheba’s Book

In 2018, Bonang Matheba released “From A to B”, a book about her rise to the top. You can buy the second edition of Bonang’s book here.

Time Quotes From Bonang Matheba

  • “We live in an era of instant gratification. We’ve forgotten the value of time and hard work.”
  • “Give time ‘time’ to do its thing.”
  • “Respect time. It makes things better.”
Bonang Matheba Quotes

Money, entitlement and privilege Quotes From Bonang Matheba

  • “Be smart with money. Save money and respect your money.”
  • “The more you know about money, the smarter you become.
  • “Money is easier to navigate when you understand it.”
  • “Reflect on your privilege and be grateful. Then, help as much as you can.”
  • “God gives to you so He can give through you.”
  • “You’re not anyone’s priority. People have things to do. No one owes you anything.” 
Bonang Matheba Quotes

Relationships Quotes From Bonang Matheba

  • “Respect your connections and interactions.”
  •  “You don’t know where the people you’re working with right now will be in five years.”
  • “Remember the people you meet and don’t undermine anyone.”
  • “The person you undermine today could be the CEO of a company you want to work for in two years.”

Failure Quotes From Bonang Matheba

  • “You will fail. When you do, fail spectacularly. It needs to be the fabulous failure in the world.”
  • “Failure is a constant. It will always be there.”
  • “Every person fails at some point.”
  • “How you bounce back from failure defines your character.”
Bonang Matheba Quotes

Knowledge Quotes From Bonang Matheba

  •  “When you arm yourself with knowledge, you will know better.”
  • “When you know better, you do better.”
  • “Knowledge will give you clarity.”
  •  “Know everything you have to know about whatever world you want to get into.”
  •  “When you have knowledge, you become more confident.”
  • “The more you know, the better you will do.”
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The Bonang Matheba motivational quotes herein were adapted from Bonang Matheba’s Forbes Africa’s Under 30 Meet-Up interview.