“Find the thing that you’re passionate about and work hard at it. You have to be willing to put in the hours. You have to be willing to sacrifice.” – Phuti Mahanyele

Phuti Mahanyele Dabengwa is the Naspers CEO for South Africa and an accomplished business leader. She is one of the most powerful female leaders in South Africa. She is also passionate about leadership, youth empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Her Big Break: Phuti Mahanyele earned her first big leadership role around 1998 at the age of 27.

She was rejected twice by the company where she earned her first big leadership role. On her third attempt, the company offered her a 3-month internship. She accepted and quit a well-paying job for the internship, which she transformed into a leadership job.

Phuti is a passionate go-getter. Her passion is exemplified through the 15 quotes below.

“Every person is a leader. It is about having the tenacity to be who you are supposed to be.”

“To be a leader, you need courage.” – Phuti Mahanyele Dabengwa

“As women, we need to make sure that we are heard.”

“It is more difficult for us as black women to prove ourselves.”

“There are so many women that are well qualified and have the capability to add value.” – Phuti Mahanyele Dabengwa

“Intellectual capability is not synonymous with leadership capability” – Phuti Mahanyele Dabengwa

 “Leadership is about being able to lead through people.”

“Some people will only be comfortable with you when you are on the same level. The minute you’re on a higher level, they feel the need to challenge you.”

“Leadership is about self-empowerment and self-envisioning.” – Phuti Mahanyele Dabengwa

“On my way up, I was undermined frequently. But, I chose not to fight every single fight. I did not want to be battle weary.”

“Leadership is a process of learning.”

“I like to work with smart people. I am not afraid to be amongst people who are more intelligent than me.” – Phuti Mahanyele Dabengwa

“An untrusting leader creates difficulties.”

“Being an entrepreneur is not just about ideas. It is also about being able to execute them.”

“Education helps entrepreneurs understand their industries.”

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