“I wake up every morning and self-affirm. I look in the mirror and say ‘I m ready, I can do this. I am beautiful and I am powerful’.” – Zozibini Tunzi

In 2017, Zozibini Tunzi entered the Miss South Africa 2017 but she didn’t make it. In 2019, she decided to enter the pageant again. This time around, she made it to the top 16 and won the title of Miss South Africa 2019. In the same year, she competed for the title of Miss Universe 2019 and won. Her win made her the first black woman from South Africa to be crowned Miss Universe (at the age of 27).

Her answers at the Miss Universe pageant were inspirational and legendary. Here are 32 of Zozibini’s motiavtional quotes from her speeches, answers and interviews.

Zozibini Tunzi Quotes on Critics & Negativity

“To cope with negativity, focus more on the positives.”

“Don’t allow people who arent’ in your shoes to have a say in your life.”

“Critics find it easy to judge and criticise other people.”

“Don’t give the critics space in your life. Don’t allow them to bring in their negative energy.”

Zozibini Tunzi Quotes on Beauty, Pagentary & Kindness

“I grew up in a world where a woman with my kind of skin and my kind of hair, was never considered to be beautiful. And, it’s time that that stops.

“I want children to look at me and see their faces reflected in mine.”

Zozibini Tunzi quotes – I grew up in a world speech

“Beauty comes in many shapes and forms.”

“Pagentry is about beauty, soul, empowerment and intellect.”

“Miss South Africa is one of the few platforms that give women the ability to lead.”

Inspiring Quotes On Women & Children By Zozibini

“The most important thing we should teach young girls is leadership.

“Leadership hass been lacking in young women and girls for a long time – not because we don’t want to lead, but because of what society has labelled women to be.”

“Women are the most powerful beings in the world and that we should be given every opportunity.

“We should be teaching young girls to take up space. Nothing is as important as taking up space and cementing yourself.”

Zozibini Tunzi Leadership Speech

“You are extremely powerful. It is your responsibility to takeover from where the women of 1956 left off.”

“I stand on the shoulders of giants. I stand on the shoulders of the women who came before me.”

“When we have children, we should try to groom them with as much kindness and love as possible.”

“Children who don’t lack love become warm and kind people.”

“Teach children love, kindness and tolerance so they become compassionate and caring people.”

Positive Affirmation Quotes From Zozibini

“I’m beautiful. I’m smart. I’m intelligent and I stand for something.” – Zozibini Tunzi

“I woke up and I chose to be me.”

“I have a powerful voice and message to send out”.

“My natural hair is a symbol of my firm belief in myself”

“I am a daughter of the African soil and I am beautiful.”

“I adjust very easily to situations.”

“I am the person that I am today because I grew in love, compassion and warmth from my parents and family.”

My parents and family’s love made me love myself and others.”

Quotes On Self-Confidence From Zozibini Tunzi

“Know yourself and stick to your story.” – Zozibini Tunzi

“It’s important to have something to belive in.”

“Always stand for something. Always have opinions about the world.”

“When it comes to your opinion, there’s no right or wrong answer.”

“Always remember that an interview is a conversation.” – Zozibini Tunzi

“Find a way to be a catalyst for positive change.”

About Zozibini Tunzi

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Quotes adapted from interviews with KFM, Pagenat Planet, News24 and Zozibini Tunzi’s answers at the Miss Universe USA Pageant.