‘Refrain or Marry’,
I read that in the best selling book of all times.
Calling mimes names bothers them not, for what concerns them is non-verbal.

When you marry;
Marry for love,
then you will be merry.
Marry one
who has unlimited things to teach.
Issues in hand, each one ought to learn.

Those who marry those that inspire them aspire to gain wisdom.
Both the wise and knowledgeable acknowledge
that marriage and/or its fruits are inevitable.
That’s why I embrace the notion of marrying in one’s youth.

When you marry;
abilities become capabilities,
for even abilities need captains.

When I married;
I married a replica of myself,
replacing naivety with wisdom.
I married young and proudly.
For me, there’s no pride in prolonged dating phases,
when each phase has an end.

Biology and time have taught us that women beyond their 40’s were fortified by matrimony and maternity.
For maternity without matrimony can breed frustration.

When you marry young;
you avoid the frustration of waiting for unlimited suitors.
Tutors will tell you,
marry so you can do more and be more.

When I married;
I married he that carries a royal crown,
He that guides me to my PhD,
I married myself.

Disclaimer: This poem was originally published on my first blog, www.skyflawa.wordpress.com (active 2011 to 2015). However, the poem was edited slightly prior to publishing on this blog, to suit my current style of writing.