Garments that commit amendments to toe foes, what a commitment,
for shoes know not NOs.

Miners wear them UNDERground hence they UNDER-STAND even when they sit.
You can stand your ground steadily for they won’t leave,
unlike leaves that leave their trees in rows of threes.

Teen teases; nowadays teenagers are now too big for their own 2 shoes.

Like brail, shoes must be ‘filled’ to be understood.

To understand me, you must fill my shoes for 5 miles with a smile on your face.

Don’t be fazed when stilettos expose your toes.
It is just a phase.
Explore your flaws and imperfections.
The floor is yours.

Ambition in hand, take your Nike shoes and run.
‘Just do it’.
Turn right and mark your ground.

Duck when dogs bark in the dark.
Never pass the buck, for you might be 3 steps from success.
3 more stripes to go.

Each stripe shorter than the last.
Once you’ve cast your success you must look back and say “I-DID-THIS”.

Dear, what ever shoes you wear;
bear in mind that shoes can present what you stand for.
Fear not, let your pair speak at your fair.

Now tell me, what do your shoes say about you?