I enjoy reading and sharing brilliant quotes. There’s something familiar and comforting about them. Through the years, I have successfully integrated many brilliant quotes into the digital content I’ve created for different brands.

I have however found myself sharing the same old quotes year in and year out. Oprah Winfrey, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs. You name them, I’ve quoted them.

But, I think that…

“We all have moments of brilliant utterances, therefore, we are all worth quoting.”

Maybe it’s time to explore other voices

There are many other voices that have displayed moments of brilliance (apart from those that we have been sharing). Maybe it’s time to explore other voices that have shared their moments of brilliance (South African ones preferably). I plan to do just that in my own little way. I will be creating a series of free social media banners and image posts with quotes by different South African voices who have had moments of brilliance. Ready for the first voice?

The voice behind the first moment of brilliant utterances is…

Katlego Maphai, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Yoco, a South African smart technology payments company. These quotes were sourced from the Yoco website on the blog post, From 0 to 10 000 Strong: What we learnt (and are still learning) about growth and entrepreneurship (Yoco, 2017).

Quote 1: Setting big, bold, ambitious goals is essential.

Quote 2: Bringing the right people together can create new opportunities and new paradigms.

Quote 3: We exist because of our customers and their needs.

Quote 4: Customer centricity needs to be in your DNA as an organisation if you wish to remain relevant.

Quote 5: There’s a big difference between the fear of failure and the fear of not succeeding. The former drives a downside protection/cautious approach; the later drives ambitious/long-term thinking around the size of the prize.

I have created 5 free LinkedIn and Facebook Covers with the above quotes and imagery. You can download them on my website, www.ofentseolunloyo.com/shop.

List of references

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