In The Box
It’s funny how your sunny smileys and honey-coated words make me smile. Your amorous tele-bribes blind logic and inspire passion In each Box.

On The Wall
Over a year ago, a wild flower sat on your wall. Colourful, courage and ready to fall, hoping to be caught. A flower so strong yet so fragile; I can tell that it excited you. Even though it did not incite explicit action, it excited you enough to remain a topic.

From The Wall To The Box
How we moved from a Wall to a Box is encrypted deep within the unknown. Commonalities were discovered, commodities neglected. Today, our secret love and life In a Box remains safe from discovery. Sadly, no one knows what tomorrow holds for those whose love started On The Wall and ended up In The Box.

Disclaimer: This poem was originally published on my first blog, (active 2011 to 2015). However, the poem was edited slightly prior to publishing on this blog, to suit my current style of writing.