After reading the commencement address that Mark Zuckerberg delivered at Harvard University on Thursday, 25 May 2017 – I was disturbed and intrigued by one statement in particular. In his address, Zuckerberg said and I quote:

“The greatest successes come from having the freedom to fail.” – Mark Zuckerberg

The concept of the “freedom to fail” has been on my mind ever since. It has led me to all sorts of questions, like:

  • What exactly is the freedom to fail?
  • Is the freedom to fail a key to success – for everyone?
  • Would people do and be more if they had the freedom to fail?
  • Would I do and be more if I had the freedom to fail?
  • How does one attain the freedom to fail?

Well, I still don’t have answers to most of these questions but here’s what I found out so far:

The freedom to fail is…

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