I am a big fan of photography, especially photographs that artistically portray people of my race, gender and country of origin. That’s why I love browsing stock images for fun. Yes, I know it’s weird.

As a Digital Content Creator on a tight budget, I have had to create a list of researched websites that offer free high resolution stock images. During my research, I look at things like licence restrictions/ permissions, copyright and attribution requirements. The websites that end up on my list have 5 things in common:

  1. They offer you high resolution stock images for free
  2. They do not need you to credit the creator of the images (no attribution required)
  3. Their licences allow you to use the images for personal and commercial purposes (including print and digital)
  4. They do not force you to register an account with them or provide your card details
  5.  They provide the stock images under the Creative Commons (CC01)

I love these websites, they are easy to navigate and use. Over the years, I have happily shared the list of these websites that offer high resolution stock images with friends, loved ones, colleagues and clients (all based in South Africa). Thus ensuring that they do not encounter the stress associated with long hours of searching the web and reading through licence terms and conditions.

Free stock images in South Africa

In addition to the 5 things above, these websites have one more thing in common. Sadly, they are all non-South African and I really think that should change. As talented South Africans with phenomenal skills and powerful smartphones, we need to start participating in the free global economy. I am a big fan of entrepreneurs, sharing, collaborating and freebies (both giving them and receiving them) for business purposes. That’s why I believe that we need free South African stock images by South Africans for South Africa. Images that portray everyday life in South Africa. Stock images that portray South Africa in its true light. For now, my rhetoric is just a pipe dream but one day is one day.

My next topic will be on stock images of Black people. To introduce this topic, I’d like to share 6 beautiful photographs of Black people, sourced from my list (from Pexels, Nappy.Co and Pixabay)