The dirty teapot stood by the sink.
Junky ink on her zinc skin, yet never was she kin on acquiring water.
Brink Blink Tick Tock!
Companionship slyly sailed to her dock,
in the form of a forbidden friendship.

Heart’s padlock keys carelessly forgotten,
misplaced along a series of complex mazes.
Yet floods of water seized not to amaze
as they penetrate amorous hiding places,
unlocking her heart as it races
at paces beyond those of racing laces.

Unfazed and bold,the masculine water attempted to embrace her.
Tempted by his alluring yet undefined features
the teapot was alerted of her emptiness.
As he slowly dripped,yearning to fill her.
still dirty and empty she began.
Kneeling in preparation for the dive.

Tick Tock Brink Blink!
The teapot fell hard into the water and drowned!

Disclaimer: This poem was originally published on my first blog, (active 2011 to 2015). However, the poem might have been edited slightly prior to publishing on this blog, to suit my current style of writing.