“Take a risk and keep testing, because what works today [might not] work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday [might] work again.” – Amrita Sahasrabudhe

Amrita hit the nail on the head there – digital marketing is synonymous with complexity and constant change. It is complex enough to keep you on your toes and changes often enough to keep you preoccupied with the latest updates head to toe.

Rant alert: I might be stepping on a few toes but I think that digital marketing is NOT for everyone. Let’s just say, not everyone who is in the field is a professional. There are simply too many impostors in the field but that’s another article for another day. Rant over!

Digital marketing professionals come in different forms and they are multi-skilled all-rounders with a burning passion for digital marketing. For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume that there are two categories of digital marketing professionals. The first category of professionals is happy to specialise further into areas such as search engine optimisation, social media, paid search and content management. Let’s call them the specialists. The second category of professionals is the opposite of the specialists. Let’s call them the generalists. This article is about the characteristics of the latter. So, what makes these generalists so special? let’s find out:

1.     The ability to juggle & connect the dots

Most generalists have their hands full with campaigns, analytics and/or reports for search engine, social media, email and content marketing. Their ability to multitask makes them masters of juggling and connecting the dots between search, social, email, content etc. They will gladly connect the dots between the cost per lead of that Facebook lead generation campaign and the spike in web traffic.

2.    The passion to learn & keep up to date

Problem solving, troubleshooting, figuring out new things and the ability to break and fix things; these are important skills for succeeding as generalist. Most generalists like to be the first to learn about and try out the latest updates, be it LinkedIn’s redesign or WhatsApp’s new snap feature. They are passionate about keeping up to date with the latest trends, updates and more. In this case, suffering from FOMO (fear of missing out) keeps them on top of their game. Generalists are also big on sharing what they know and always have a professional opinion.

Whether it is getting Google certification, taking a course on Udemy or attending the IAB Digital Summit, the cream of the crop of generalists take it up a notch by putting their money and/or time where their mouths are. They are highly driven top performers and have a strong desire to know what’s happening in the industry and identify or set trends. Their craft is personal to them, that’s why they actively seek opportunities for self-improvement by themselves, for themselves.

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Disclaimer: The full article was originally published on my LinkedIn account, www.linkedin.com/in/ofentseolunloyo.