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Like Steve Biko, I too write what I like. I started writing recreationally when I was 12, it was my rite of passage. 

On The Wall

In The Box
It’s funny how your sunny smileys and honey-coated words make me smile. Your amorous tele-bribes blind logic and inspire passion In each Box.

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My First Dog

10 years old in the 5th grade; on one of those days in the then-new millennium, somewhere in the year 2001 I learnt how to care for another being. Unfortunately, after a decade exact details of such childhood memories have become both rusty and old.

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Shoes – Keys To Your Sole

Garments that commit amendments to toe foes, what a commitment,
for shoes know not NOs.

Miners wear them UNDERground hence they UNDER-STAND even when they sit.
You can stand your ground steadily for they won’t leave,
unlike leaves that leave their trees in rows of threes.

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