You are here, and there for me,
arms and all.
There’s something about how you make everything about anything
seem like it’s worth exploring.

You’re restoring ideas my peers rejected.
Your acceptance is sweeter than lemons.

You care, and wear it on your sleeves,
arms and all.
It is in the silent charm on your lips,
your firm belief in our expression, and
the care of your warm arms.

You bare it all,
arms and more.
Listen to my pleas.
“Find me, I am in the wrong;
tease me, I am strong;
lead me, I am yours”.

Your arms are my shelter.
Your arms by the alter is what I yearn for. Arms and all!

Disclaimer: This poem was originally published on my first blog, (active 2011 to 2015). However, the poem was edited slightly prior to publishing on this blog, to suit my current style of writing.