A review from this skewed view…
Highlights that… your existence never mattered.
Words un-uttered, a miniature being unmothered.

A Senseless body incurred sins before conception…
It never stood a chance against an openly murderous world,
For it is law to murder ‘biological accidents’.
A biological gift is a curse when it comes before it’s time.
They say timing is everything,
Unfortunately for you foetuses can’t tell time.

It is easier to forgot a faceless face.
A bloody miniature body’s remains flashed down the sewer,
Blood shed and an almost-mother crying briefly out of shame & confusion.
Crocodile tears as she daydreams about her close-call with motherhood
And the beginning of her ‘new life’.

Your doomed temporary existence was supposed to be pleasing to the ones who conceived you,
Specifically the one who carried you briefly inside herself, unconsciously feeding & sheltering you.
Your existence was meant to be joyful regardless of the fact that it was short-lived.
I can’t guarantee that your-almost-mother lies awake at night thinking about you,
But I can guarantee that you changed her life forever.

Disclaimer: This poem was originally published on my first blog, www.skyflawa.wordpress.com (active 2011 to 2015). However, the poem was edited slightly prior to publishing on this blog, to suit my current style of writing.