With over 1.44 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the leading social media platform. It is therefore no surprise that marketers worldwide invest a lot of time into growing their Facebook pages. As a Digital Marketer, it is important to keep up with the latest social media platform updates so here are 7 Facebook features you probably didn’t know existed.

  • Invite people to like your page without “friending” them

Prehistorically, it was impossible for page admins to invite people who they are not friends with, to like their page. However, I recently discovered that Facebook now allows admins to invite people who have liked a post on a page (but haven’t liked the page yet).

Friends of friends who like a page post liked or commented on by a friend can now be invited to also like the page. This feature is a great source of new likes for pages especially if you like to boost/ promote your page posts to a targeted audience or to friends of people who like your page, then you will get a better return on investment.

  • Very responsive badge

Mot customers use Facebook as a customer service tool therefore responding to Facebook messages is key to ensuring excellent online customer service.

In line with this, Facebook introduced a feature incentive called a “very responsive to messages” badge early in April this year. Page admins can earn the badge by responding to all messages sent to the page within 5 minutes.

The badge disappears if the admin takes longer than 5 minutes to respond to messages, therefore it is important to ensure that the average response time is under 5 minutes. Although 5 minutes is a bit unrealistic, there are benefits to this features. In my view, the 5 minute threshold ensure the badge’s exclusivity.

The benefits of this feature include, the ability to differentiate your page from other pages, it can also encourage interactions such as new likes and messages to pages. To help admins attain the badge, Facebook has also created saved replies which help save time and get the admin closer to the 5 minute response time.

  • Backdating posts

Late last year, Facebook announced its “backdate” post feature, this functionality allows you to assign an earlier date to a post. This is useful for pages that haven’t posted content for prolonged periods of time e.g. there are many instances where companies enthusiastically take on social media only to later lose their social media person. Admins can backdate posts to days, weeks and months past, for instance, if you forgot to post on a big holiday you can use this feature to post an update that will have a previous date of your choice.

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Disclaimer: The full article was originally published on my LinkedIn account, www.linkedin.com/in/ofentseolunloyo.