“You need to understand money to make it. You need to know how money moves, where it goes and who owns it. I’m in the process of learning and understanding money.”

This quote is from Bonang Matheba, an accomplished and multi-award winning South African media personality. Over her 16+ years of working in the media industry, she has achieved great success. Here are some of Bonang Matheba’s motivational quotes on self-awareness, hard work, and people.

Bonang Matheba quotes on self-awareness, growth and self-improvement

  • “Successful people are honest with themselves.”
  • “The world is going to change but stay true to your values.”
  • “When you don’t know something, you need to ask.”
  • “Empower yourself with knowledge.”
  • “To take on a new profession, arm yourself with skills and learn all about the profession.” – Bonang Matheba
  • “How you feel is important. Your feelings will always reflect in your mood, your face, your eyes, your body or your skin.”
  • “Be consistent, professional and deliver at a high level.”

Bonang Matheba quotes on Hard work and opportunities

  • “The world is limitless.”
  •  “The first thing you have to do is start.”
  •  “Successful people finish what they start, no matter what happens.”
  • “Focus on your end goal.”
  •  “I’m a workaholic. I love to be busy. I enjoy it. My job makes me happy.”
  • “As a hard worker, I know that the only way to make my life awesome is to put in the hours.” – Bonang Matheba
  •  “I want a new challenge every three to four years.”
  •  “We’re in an era where young people’s career choices are changing.

Bonang Matheba quotes on People and relationships

  •  “Surround yourself with loyal people.”
  • “Your friends form part of your personal brand.”- Bonang Matheba
  • “People’s perception of you is shaped by the people around you and the way they conduct themselves.”
  • “Traveling broadens your horizons.”
  • “Know how to conduct yourself around others and you’ll be just fine.”

Bonang Matheba Interview #1

Bonang Matheba Interview #2

The Bonang Matheba inspirational quotes herein were adapted from Bonang Matheba’s interviews on CNBC, Trending SA and Real Goboza. Photo Credit: Bonang Matheba Twitter – https://twitter.com/bonang_m

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